Assos T Cento S7 Bib Shorts Black

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Experience comfort and performance on the saddle like never before. The T Cento are a new breed of racing bibs. These ultra-long distance shorts are tailored for a cyclist’s body, offering a comfort fit that reduces compression and restriction.

The unique insert has been designed for ultra-long distance adventures. Its ergonomic shape and high density memory foam shock absorbers mean even the most gruelling missions will take a minimal toll on your sensitive regions. The front section of the insert has a low circular inlet, accommodating the male anatomy with 5 star comfort, yet also holding everything securely.

If you are a consistently destroying century rides and beyond, the T Cento are the masterpiece you need.
• Composition: 73% Polyamide, 17% Elastane, 10% Polyester
• Reduce motion and greater breathability in sensitive areas
• Recommended for ultra-long distance or the beginning of the season
• Ideally suited for more robust body types