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We're all for better-engineered, exceptionally-designed solutions. Especially for pieces of apparel that have gone relatively unchanged for decades. Knee warmers -- we're lookin' at you. Think of it, have you ever known of a knee warmer that hasn't been a lightly-tapered tube of fleecy fabric with grippers on both ends? It seems as if no one has ever put any thought into fit. Well, if you're fed up with banality, the Assos kneeWarmer_S7 feature a design that at least deserves a nose wrinkle.

Upon first site, you'll notice that the kneeWarmer_S7 have no grippers. Instead, both hems simply double-over the RXQ fabric. Reason being is that they use a contoured shape design that eliminates the need for grippers. And where other warmers are just rudimentary cones of fabric, Assos constructs its kneeWarmers with two different fabrics over multiple panels. The paneling is designed to move seams away from the areas where chafing typically occurs -- like at the back of the knee. This also means, that by default, the warmers are designed specifically for your left leg and right leg to achieve the perfect individual fit.

It's worth noting that Assos doesn't design its cycling apparel for walking. Instead, each piece comes to life only through the movements and positions of cycling. Accordingly, these warmers are going to look like they don't fit when you're standing up straight, but give them that precious 88.3 degree bend, and the wrinkles will quickly disappear. In fact, at the top of your pedal stroke, where your knees are towards the chest, the warmers move with your motion without giving the slightest tug.

To give you an idea of what temperature range the kneeWarmer_S7 falls into, Assos classified it as part of its ClimaRange 4. In English, this means fall, or even more specifically, 59 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. However, within the Assos Layering System, you can formulaically add it to other ClimaRange ensembles to increase their weather-resistance.

The Assos kneeWarmer_S7 Knee Warmers are available in the color Black Volkanga and in the sizes 0 (X-Small to Small), I (Medium to Large), and II (X-Large to XX-Large). Please note that this is a unisex item.

Leg & Knee Warmers 0 I II
Height 4ft 11in - 5ft 2in
(150 - 159cm)
5ft 3in - 5ft 6in
(160 - 169cm)
5ft 7in - 5ft 10in
(170 - 179cm)
5ft 11in - 6ft 1in
(180 - 185cm)
6ft 1in - 6ft 3in
(186 - 190cm)
6ft 3in - 6ft 5in+
(191 - 195cm+)
XLG but wider
Arm Warmers 0 I II
Chest 35.4in
46.5+ in
How to Measure:
For best results, take measurements over your underwear.
Measure around the widest part of your chest.
SKU P_6806899011
Brand Assos

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