Suplest 2018 Edge 3 Sport Carbon Road Shoe - White/Red 01.054

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The EDGE 3 SPORT shoes from the ROAD SERIES by SUPLEST first and foremost score with their outstanding fit. With the BOA L6 twist closure, the shoes can be adapted accurately to your feet. The ERGO 360° insole provides the necessary stability. 

The ANATOMIC WRAP tongue construction was especially developed to suit many foot shapes and widths. The construction promises particularly good hold and offers very high comfort. 

The closure system consists of dials and stainless steel wires that ensure precise adjustment. The combination allows cyclists to even adjust the shoes while riding. As there are no velcro straps, the front area of the shoe is well ventilated. The shoe can be closed by pushing and turning the dial in the direction of travel. The laces can be loosened by pulling out the button

ERGO 360° Insole
The SOLESTAR footbed was specially developed for use during cycling. The patented insole provides particularly high comfort, optimum stability, good ventilation and excellent power transfer to the pedal.

A high-quality nylon sole for best balance between stiffness and wearing comfort for long distances. Compatible with all standard road bike pedal systems.