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High-Quality and Cost-Effective Bicycle Wheels in Melbourne

At The Odd Spoke, we stock a premium range of bicycle wheels for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane cyclists. We can also deliver our products to any location in the nation. We boast competitive prices, stock parts from the world’s leading brands and excel in customer service. Below, we explain how to take care of your tyres and wheels before discussing the other products we have to offer.

Tips Regarding Bicycle Wheels in Brisbane

Here are a few useful pointers to help you keep your tyres in top condition, save money and remain safe while cycling:
  • Maintain the correct air pressure: Often, cyclists neglect to pump their tyres for weeks, but this can cause severe damage to your wheels and increase the risk of an accident. We recommend purchasing a pump with a gauge so that you can keep your tyres and wheels in top condition. You should check the pressure of your tyres weekly or after a tournament.
  • Keep your tyres clean: You should wash your wheels and tyres routinely to keep them in top shape. A build-up of dirt or mud can cause problems and diminish your performance. Be careful not to use hoses that exert too much pressure on your bearings. Instead, use a rag and warm water to remove dirt particles from your wheels and tyres.
  • Select the most suitable tyres for your cycling discipline: You need to choose appropriate tyres and wheels for your riding style. For example, the tyres on road bikes are unsuitable for mountain biking and vice versa. You can browse our wheels by category on our website or call our professionals for advice and product recommendations.

Related Products We Provide to Bicycle Wheels in Perth

People from across Australia choose us when they need anything bicycle-related because we sell:
  • A range of spare parts: In addition to bicycle wheels in Sydney, we supply a broad range of premium components, including forks, helmets, tyres, pedals, and brakes. Whether you need to repair your bike or boost its performance, we have the right parts for you, all at competitive prices. If you need help narrowing down your options from our vast selection of products, don’t hesitate to call us.
  • Bicycles: Perhaps you’re new to the sport of cycling, in which case you might want to purchase a brand-new bike. We cater to clients that are serious about their hobby, which is why we mostly stock premium solutions from leading brands such as Vittoria, Fox, Santa Cruz and BMC. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of which bike will best suit your purposes – our staff are happy to assist.
  • Clothing: If you want to participate in tournaments, you need to look the part, but you also need to consider your safety when purchasing attire such as helmets, gloves, trousers, footwear and jerseys. Again, we only supply products that have our seal of approval. You can feel confident that our clothes offer adequate protection while making you look like a pro.
Why The Odd Spoke Is Cost-Effective
Whether you live in Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, you won’t find a broader range of premium wheels as competitively priced as ours. If you’d like to discuss your needs with a professional, don’t hesitate to call us.