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Replace or Upgrade Your Bike Pedals at The Odd Spoke

When it comes to servicing and upgrading a bicycle, arguably no component is more overlooked than the bike pedals. For whatever reason, we often take pedals for granted, not recognising the gains we might achieve if we replaced the pedal setup on our bicycles. At The Odd Spoke, we do our part to change this narrative, offering a variety of high-quality (and aesthetically attractive) pedal options for customers to explore.

Tips Regarding Bike Pedals

As you shop for new pedals for your bicycle, keep these tips in mind to make your shopping easier:
  • Decide whether you like platform pedals or clipless pedals: Platform pedals are the most common type of bike pedal, bearing a simple flat design with pins that provide traction against your foot. Clipless pedals are pedals meant to be worn with specific cleats, which clip into the pedal in the way a ski boot clips into a ski. Platform pedals are typically preferred among mountain bikers, while clipless pedals are more common among speed-focused road bikers. Of course, there is some overlap between the two camps, and you will want to decide which type of pedal you like best.
  • Always pay attention to traction: Especially with platform pedals, one of the most important facets is traction. If you have a bike pedal that has lost much of its traction, that’s a good sign that it’s time for a replacement. Especially if you live in a rainy area—or don’t take days off when the weather isn’t perfect—you will want a pedal that offers plenty of traction.
  • Read up on each pedal: At The Odd Spoke, we make it easy to buy bikes online, as well as bike accessories like pedals. With every pedal we stock, we provide a thorough product description that includes key features and notes about the type of riding that each pedal supports. For instance, this pair of Deity Black Kat Pedals is popular for downhill biking. Reading about each pair of pedals we offer will help you pick out the pedal that is best suited for your purposes.

Related Services We Provide to Bikes Online

In addition to carrying bike pedals and bikes online, The Odd Spoke also offers a range of other bicycle accessories and cycling-related services. These include:
  • Important bike accessories: Once you have the right bicycle (complete with the right pedals), the next step is building up your arsenal of key accessories. We can help you find everything you need, from bike helmets to water bottles, navigation systems to cleaning and maintenance products.
  • Replacement bike parts: Just like your car, your bicycle will need regular maintenance and upkeep. Sometimes, that might mean trading old parts for new ones. Whether you are dealing with a broken bike chain or looking for a replacement bike fork, we have what you need.
  • Servicing: Some bike repairs and upkeep can and should be DIY. Other times, though, bringing your bicycle in for a thorough servicing can improve the safety of your bike and sharpen your competitive edge. The Odd Spoke offers several tiers of bike servicing.
About The Odd Spoke
For four years, The Odd Spoke has been helping cycling enthusiasts find high-end bikes and bike accessories. We have a retail location in Dural, NSW, but also have a dedicated online business available to cyclists throughout Australia. Whether you are shopping for bike pedals or brand-new bikes online, you can find them on our website. Contact us directly if you have any questions.