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Find a Great Replacement Bike Tire or Bike Tire Tube at The Odd Spoke

Whether you are looking for a replacement bike tire tube or a brand-new bike tire, The Odd Spoke is the right place to shop. For the past four years, we have been striving to provide the highest-quality products for road cyclists and mountain biking enthusiasts. From accessories like tire tubes and replacement kits to bikes themselves, we sell everything you need to take your cycling to the next level.

Tips for Finding the Right Bike Tire Tube

When you go to buy bike tire tubes, it’s essential to recognise how wide the range of available products really is. Not all bike tire tubes are the same and finding the right tubes for your bicycle and tire can be a challenge. Here are two important tips to help you along the way:
  • Pick the right size: Bicycle tire tube measurements are laid out as ‘diameter x width.’ You should choose the tube that matches your tire size. So, if your tire is 700c x 20, you would be looking for something like this Giant-brand inner tube. The most important measurement to look at here is the diameter, since your tubes need to match your tire diameters exactly. Widths don’t need to be exact and usually come in ranges, rather than exact figures. (As you’ll notice, the Giant tube linked above is 700 x 20-25.) This variation is due to the stretchiness of tire tubes.
  • Pick the right valve stem: The other big consideration when you buy bike tire tubes is the valve stem. There are three types of valve stems in the cycling world: Schrader, Presta and Dunlop (also known as Woods). At The Odd Spoke, we focus on Presta valve stems, which are the go-to option for the higher-end bicycle we sell. You need to match the valve type and length on your tires to the tubes you buy.

Benefits of Shopping with The Odd Spoke

Whether you are looking to buy tires online or shopping for replacement tubes for existing tires, The Odd Spoke is the ideal place to shop. Here are a few benefits of making us your one-stop shop for bicycles and bike supplies:
  • Our focus on quality: We cater towards the upper end of the market—hence our focus on Presta-valve bike tire tubes. We believe that competitive or dedicated cyclists deserve a place where they can go to find high-end bike accessories, clothing or bikes. We are that place, which makes us one of the most reliable spots to shop for bike tires or tire tubes. 
  • Our depth of options: As mentioned above, finding the right bike tubes to suit your bike and bike tires can be difficult. We help by stocking an extensive array of products, ranging from high-quality replacement tubes to tire puncture repair kits, all the way to tubeless tires.
  • Our helpful customer service: We are as passionate about cycling as you are. If you need help finding the right tire or tire tubes for your bike, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our customer service associates would be happy to help you find what you need.

Why Customers Should Choose The Odd Spoke

If you are shopping for the highest quality bike tire or bike tire tube, your nearest department store might not have what you need. At The Odd Spoke, we make it easy to buy bike tires online, along with other bicycle tools or accessories. Contact us today to get started.