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Buy Basso Online From a Passionate Cyclists Just Like You

At The Odd Spoke, we offer you the opportunity to buy Basso online. High quality Basso products are built with innovative designs as well as functionality for an enjoyable ride.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Basso in Sydney

When purchasing a frameset for your bike, avoid the following common mistakes:
  • Choosing the wrong frame material – Bike frames are built using steel, aluminium, titanium, or carbon. Steel is strong and durable, but it is heavy, giving it a competitive disadvantage. Aluminium is lighter but stiff and less durable. It cannot be welded or easily bent back into shape. Titanium is the middle ground as it is lighter than steel and more durable than aluminium. However, it can be very expensive. Carbon is the most common material now used for racing bikes. It is ultra-light, stiff, and strong. Improved constructions methods have reduced earlier issues these frames had with cracks and frame failures, and these are the bikes most often seen at races such as the Tour De France.
  • Purchasing poorly constructed components – Choosing a high-quality frameset and then saving money by purchasing inexpensive components will cost you more in the long run. Investing in quality components and other parts will reduce the amount of wear and tear on your frame, as well as the time and money spent on repairs and part replacements.
  • Assembling your own bike – This is only a mistake if you are inexperienced, and not supported by an experienced bike builder. With inexperience comes costly mistakes, wasting your time and money. An experienced individual will be able to assemble your bike faster and correctly. An adequately assembled bike is not only essential to avoid costly repairs, but also for your safety as you ride. You do not want to lose a key component charging downhill. 
Shop Basso in Australia in our physical location or online. In either case, we can help you choose the right frame for your riding style. Once you receive your bike, ensure it is assembled safely by working with a professional bike technician.

Benefits of The Odd Spoke

At The Odd Spoke, we are passionate about cycling. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable cyclists who are happy to assist you and answer your questions. 
  • We carry several first-rate and reputable brands such as BMC, Cipollini, Pivot, The Pedla and more. All the brands we carry include warranty and replacement plans, so ask us for details.
  • Our staff offer personalised service, working closely with our customers to provide solutions to meet their specific needs. We can discuss various product options to suit your budget, as well as ensure you select the right size and type of bike.
  • We are a bike shop and stock bikes, accessories, clothing, and parts for bicycles and nothing else. This focus allows our staff to become knowledgeable about each of our products so that they can provide you with excellent information and customer service.
About The Odd Spoke
We have been in business for over four years at our storefront location in Dural, North-western NSW. Our online store has been growing and now has a dedicated manager to assist you. We cater to relatively serious bike riders, who may compete regularly, or participate in a cycling club.
Check out our full product listing, and contact us with your product-related questions.