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Consider Your Options Carefully When Shopping for a Dual Suspension

There's no denying that a dual suspension mountain bike gives riders the best level of control on challenging trails. As your skills improve, the desire to own a bike that enables you to do more only grows. At The Odd Spoke, we provide an easy and convenient way to shop for a bicycle that will allow you to pursue your passion more fully. 

Tips for Getting More Value When You Shop for a Dual Suspension

Purchasing a new bike is a big decision — and a big investment. As you seek the best option for your riding style, how can you be sure you're making the most of the opportunity? 
  • Shop around — you aren't going to get the best deal by stopping your search immediately. Heading straight to a "big box" store might net you a lower initial price, but at what cost? Those bikes may have a future filled with maintenance, whereas a bike exhibiting a high level of attention to detail and sturdier materials will represent a better value. 
  • Balance price and quality. Ideally, find an option that allows you to avoid difficult compromises and opens the way to the type of dual suspension mountain bike you really want. 
  • Seek experienced and qualified advice to guide your decision. Investing in a top-quality dual suspension bike is not an everyday occurrence — or even an "every year" event. With that in mind, making sure of your confidence in a choice before committing is essential. 

The Benefits When You Buy a Dual Suspension from The Odd Spoke 

Now, why bring your business to our service? There are a few key advantages our customers can enjoy, including:
  • Friendly guidance informed by experience, not sales tactics. Ring us at your convenience during trading hours and speak to one of our highly qualified associates. Our passion for bikes extends to our customers — let's figure out what you need together. 
  • An excellent selection of bikes from leading brands and manufacturers known for high quality, reliability, and longevity. Cannondale, Basso, BMC and more all have a home here, and you can shop to a bike that delivers the performance, riding quality, and manoeuvrability that you need whether you're going off the beaten path or pushing your road cycling abilities to the next level. 
  • Better prices so you can save money without compromising on quality or features. In fact, if you're local to our Dural location, we encourage you to come and see us in person. Bikes purchased in-store come with their first service visit completely free, an excellent value that will help your purchase in good shape. For those who buy online, you'll still be able to enjoy saving some money — along with the added convenience of a bike arriving on your doorstep.
About The Odd Spoke 
Based out of Dural, The Odd Spoke keeps the spirit of the local bike shop alive with an experienced team that's just as passionate for riding as our clientele. With years of accumulated understanding, we know our way around the major brands — and we're ready to help you navigate this maze of choices, too. Start your shopping now, or say hello today.