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A Garmin 830 Bundle Provides the Tools You Need to Track Your Ride

At The Odd Spoke, we offer a variety of Garmin 830 bundles, so you can find the one that fits your riding style. Your Garmin allows you to monitor your performance data and rides over time, which will enable you to track your progress as you develop your riding skills.

The Importance of the Best Price on a Garmin 830 Bundle

We offer competitive prices on the Edge 830 bundle because we know this tool allows you to track both enjoyable and challenging rides. 
  • Bundles save you money by combining device features with the accessories you need. Our computer sensor bundle includes things such as speed and cadence sensors. Bundles also include the hardware required to mount your device on either a road or mountain bike.
  • Our bundles offer great value and give you the ability to upgrade from your current device. Upgrading means you can take advantage of new features such as metrics that capture how well you ride a downhill trail, or your jump distance. For road riders, an upgrade allows you to track aspects such as heat and altitude acclimation.
  • If you have not used a device to track your progress in the past, this is the best time to take advantage of our sales. Garmin products are easy to use, allow you to map your ride and track performance data. You can then use this information to develop a training program that will increase your riding skills, and make you more competitive.

Tips Regarding a Garmin Edge 830 Bundle

Get the most out of your Garmin Edge:
  • The 830 has enhanced performance analytics and mapping capabilities. This capability allows you to track your favourite rides and delve even deeper into how you are performing over time.
  • The expanded built-in safety and tracking features help keep you and your group safe. The incident detection will alert your designated contact if the device senses a crash. It allows you to feel more confident when riding on your own. If you are riding with a group, the safety and tracking features let everyone know where you are, and you can communicate with your group through the messaging feature. If you stop at a café for drink and snack, the device can send you an alert to let you know if your bike has been moved.
  • Mountain bikers can take advantage of the built-in Trailforks data. This feature allows you to view trail maps and ratings in over eighty countries right on the device. You can even brag to your companions about your jump count, jump distance, and hang time.
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