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Garmin Computers Contain a Plethora of Features for Safe Riding

Garmin computers for bicycles have come a long way with technology that alerts you to approaching vehicles and tracking your location for family or friends. The Odd Spoke has a variety of Garmin products that allow you to ride safer and keep up with the pack.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding a Garmin Computer

There are so many features available on Garmin bicycle computers today that you might find extremely useful. There is so much more than measuring distance, speed, and time.
  • The Garmin Edge 830 offers you GroupTrack to keep tabs on other riders, giving you a kickstart to catch up to the pack. It also allows other riders to see you and acts as an alert in case of an accident or emergency. The built-in incident detection automatically transmits your location to your emergency contact and will reach out if you don’t respond to the message on the unit within 30 seconds.
  • For additional safety, pick up Garmin’s Varia Rearview Radar that detects vehicles coming up behind you, their rate of speed and the threat level. It employs a range of almost 140 meters, giving you time to adjust course if necessary.
  • If you’re looking for a new route, the routable cycle map included in the Garmin computer allows a natural ride into new territory. You can change the destination at any point and get to the pub to meet up with friends.
The Garmin bicycle computer syncs seamlessly with most smartphones via Bluetooth technology, and there are multiple apps you can download for more detailed analysis of your ride. Get the most out of your unit by exploring it extensively before setting out on the road.

What Sets The Odd Spoke Apart Regarding Garmin Bicycle Computers

Riding is a passion, and we know you want the best for your outdoor activity. We strive to carry the latest technologies that offer safety features, detailed ride analysis, and routing to keep your ride enjoyable.
  • We trust the Garmin computer to perform to specifications. We carry a variety of models and accessories that give you an edge.
  • We can help you program your unit to your specifications and offer advice on apps that would benefit you.
  • Our competitive pricing and quality customer service affords you a comfortable friend to confide in while getting a great deal on products designed to help you achieve your goals.
We love riding as much as you, and our passion shows in our selection of bicycle computers and accessories.
What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Shop at The Odd Spoke
We share your passion for riding and stay current on trends in the cycling world, offering you experience and knowledge regarding the products in our shop. We help you make the right choice for you and your budget. We are always available to ask questions. Your input makes us better at providing high quality products for serious riders. Call us during business hours with any questions regarding Garmin products, and we’ll be happy to assist you.