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For Optimal Data and Increased Safety, Consider a Garmin Cycling Computer

If you are a serious cyclist, chances are that you have considered purchasing a Garmin cycling computer to up your data game. Whether you are looking to track your heart rate or improve your course planning capabilities, we have the Garmin cycle computer to suit your needs.

Problems a Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer Bundle Addresses

Our Garmin Edge bundle option includes a heart rate monitor plus rhythm and speed monitors which can be flush mounted to put the Edge 1030 in line with your handlebars instead of above them. A few other benefits:
  • Touch Screen. The touch screen on the Garmin Edge 1030 reacts to wet hands or hands with gloves on, making this feature a practical solution for on-bike usage.
  • Ambient Light Sensors. To ensure that the screen is readable in various outdoor conditions, the ambient light sensors on the Garmin cycling computer will automatically adjust the screen brightness to suit your riding conditions.
  • Battery Charge Pack. This new accessory will double the run time from 20 to 40 hours.
Not sure which investment you want to make yet? The Garmin cycle computer 530 price that we offer is a full 8% off the regular price, another superb option with an out-front mount that includes a routable Garmin cycle map.  We can help you determine which Garmin cycle computer is best suited to your cycling route plans and goals.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Garmin Cycle Computer

Technology has finally caught up to the needs of the modern cyclist.  Cycling has evolved from a mode of transport to the chosen fitness and outdoor adventure medium for a large group of enthusiasts. There are a few ways to make the most of technology during your next ride.
  • GPS technology: To maximise your experience, you will want to purchase a cycle computer which can export data so that you can examine all aspects of your training and race results. The GPS technology used by Garmin enables you to map, backtrack, record segment results, and much more. 
  • Training data: Ensure that you understand your Garmin computer so you can optimally extract training the data which will help you understand your performance and identify any techniques that need improvement.  Know the types of information that you want to collect, as this understanding will guide you to the correct cycle computer for your needs.
  • Sensors: The versatility of Garmin cycle computers allows you to add various sensors to your cycle, increasing the integrity of the information and boosting cyclist safety.
What a Customer Stands to Lose Without The Odd Spoke
We have been around just over four years and are dedicated to supplying the highest-quality brand cycles and accessories to bikers like you. We choose suppliers who honour their warranties and deliver on their promises.  To this end, we also employ two proficient cycle mechanics who together have more than 20 years of experience in their trade. Your first cycle service is free, and we can assist you in the selection process to ensure that you purchase the correct cycle or accessories at exceptionally budget-friendly prices.
Pop in or visit our online store to find your cycling solution.