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Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer


  13% Larger Display than 520


  2x Faster Processor


  2.6" Colour Screen


  New Climb Pro Feature

Battery Life:

  Up to 20 Hours

Safety Alarm:

  Get Alert When Bike Moved


  ANT+ / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

Our Reviews

Garmin is Good

This Garmin is a great product. Does everything I need to know and so much more. Very impressed with service and speed of delivery. — Ronald Versteegh

Garmin 530

Bought this as an upgrade from a Garmin 520...So much better on every level! Faster, screen is better, navigation that actually works — Jason Carmichael

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bike Computer

I purchased the Garmin 530 about a month ago and went through the standard setup. Menus and setup are all pretty straight forward and easy to follow. The screen has great resolution and is easy to see in all light levels, I previously had a Garmin 510 and the screen is surprisingly much better that that. The Garmin 530 connected to all my accessories on my bikes. iPhone , Quarq Power meter, Garmin Power pedals and Whoop HRM no issues. For me it took me a little time to adjust back to buttons from the 510 touch screen but the clarity of the screen is worth it. Battery life is good and as advertised The cost of the unit on sale at the time was a little cheaper that the 510 when I purchased it. In summary I would say to date the unit is great and I'm happy with it. — Darren Gee

Garmin 530

Brought this unit as my old 500 battery has almost died and wanted a more advanced unit. Great price and quick delivery. Set up is a breeze if you largely ignore the poor Garmin manual and check out GP Lamas YouTube set up video! — Mike Brooks Head

Edge 530 Review

The Edge 530 covers most cyclists needs and once you get used to what button does what, you will question why you need a touch screen unit. You can set up the screens to have the most basic of information or you can have a multitude of screens overwhelming you while you ride. Battery life is solid and will last several 3 hour rides. Screen clarity is excellent, with even the smaller screens being able to be seen and read at a glance. All my sensors are paired to the unit, and these include Di2, Radar, heart rate monitor and cadence sensor, and all this data is available to me post ride. I would highly recommend this unit to cyclists of all levels. — Patrich Ilufi

Garmin Edge 530

Awesome product at a great price! Great customer service from The Odd Spoke. Thanks! — Ben