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Half or Full Mountain Bike Helmets Are Now Available

Did you know that mountain bike helmets prevent between 48% and 85% of cyclist injuries? A helmet is the most important accessory for any cyclist. At The Odd Spoke, we believe that it is better to feel silly wearing a helmet on a bike and live to tell the tale of the fall than to get seriously injured while feeling stylish helmet-free. 
Whether you choose a full face, open, cross country, endure, or all-around mountain bike helmet, ensure it is the correct helmet in size for a decent fit and protection and matches your style of riding. There are plenty of other mountain bike accessories to consider, too, from data collection mounts to pedals.

Related Services We Provide to Mountain Bike Accessories

When you reach the point of crossing over from a leisure cyclist to a serious mountain biker who wants to ride longer, faster, and harder, the transition will require you to upgrade your bike and accessories. Here’s how we can help. 
  • Personal attention: We offer comprehensive personal attention to understand your cycling requirements so that we can suggest the best accessories for your circumstances.
  • Evaluation: Our proficient staff complete a thorough evaluation of not just your bike but your accessories, too, and advise on replacements or upgrades.
  • Perfect fit: To maximise your cycling experience and safety, our accessories can be mounted and can relay information to cycle computers and smartphones for monitoring and improvement.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Mountain Bike Pedals

Whether you’re a pro cyclist or a casual rider, maintaining your bike is the most important step for an enjoyable ride. By pedalling smarter, you can gain time and improve endurance so that you can better propel yourself towards getting more from your trail’s loops. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when you invest in pedals.
  • Cleat position: Some gravity-orientated riders run their cleats further back in their slots to create the feel of a flat pedal. This style is slightly less efficient but remains popular as a personal preference. Generally, you will want to place the cleats in the middle of the ball of your foot and then adjust forward and backward until you are comfortable.
  • Spin circles: How you turn your pedals affects how efficiently you transfer your energy into forward motion. The downstroke is your most power-packed phase,  but spin circles can start from the 10 o’clock position, leading you to spinning a smooth complete circle instead of a heavily-pounded downstroke.
  • Choosing the right mountain bike pedals for you: Your first choice is between platform, clipless, or combination pedals. The determining factor is your comfort while you’re using the pedal.  
There are plenty of other factors to consider, such as pedal weight (“light” does not always balance out in durability); mud-shedding abilities (hampered if there are no open spaces on the pedal where mud can be pushed out when you place your feet); and adjustability on clipless pedals. You will want to consider pedal tension, which is the amount of force necessary to clip and unclip, and the float or degree that you can rotate your foot while clipped into your mountain bike pedals.
What a Customer Stands to Lose Without The Odd Spoke
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff raise the bar on customer service. They are all passionate cyclists who would love to help a fellow enthusiast get the perfect gear, from helmets to mountain bike pedals to data collection tools.
Cycle on over, give us a call, or visit our online shop for assistance.