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After a mask that will block out pollution during exercise, while allowing you to stay cool and not impair breathing? Look no further than the Ultralight Mask from Respro. Having been producing pollution masks for over 20 years, Respro are the leaders and pioneers in anti-pollution masks.

The Ultralight Mask is designed specifically for exercise enthusiasts eager to protect their precious body from harmful pollutants, be it small particulate matter, smoke, dust or ozone. The ultralight nature of the mask means you'll hardly notice its on and it won't weigh you down during exercise.

The material used in the Ultralight mask™ is a ‘four-way stretch’, air-permeable technical fabric that allows the face to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

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The Ultralight™ Olive Green and Black comes with a Black/Silver Powa Elite™ valve and a Black/Silver unbreakable nose clip and carry bag.  The Sand model comes with White/Gold Powa Elite™ valves and a White/Gold nose clip. The Hepa-Type™ sports filter is fitted as standard - the perfect PM2.5 filter for urban areas high in diesel particulates or hot, dusty conditions.

Respro Ultralight Mask Features

  • 4-way technical stretch fabric
  • Breathable Material
  • Four sizes (small size uses the medium filter) 
  • Two Powa™ Elite valves (RAVSTM)
  • Easy Velcro® fastening
  • Nylon unbreakable nose clip
  • Hepa-Type™ sports filter
  • Nylon mesh carry bag

Respro Ultralight Mask Benefits

  • Readily conforms to face features
  • More comfortable than a kangaroo’s pouch in the desert
  • Filters Out Exhaust and Pollen Particulates
  • Good airflow performance
  • Fits without fuss
  • Improves sealing
  • Very breathable PM2.5 filter 
  • An easy storage solution

Respro Ultralight Mask is Suitable For

  • Urban environments
  • Country environments
  • Hot or humid climates
  • Dusty environments
  • Cycling outdoors
  • Horse riding
  • Off-road motorsports
  • Paintball or air-soft games

Sizing Guide Chart

HEIGHT 83 - 102 KG 70 - 82 KG 45 - 69 KG 35 - 45 KG
182 - 190 CM 6' - 6'3" XL L L L
175 - 181 CM 5'9" - 5'11" XL - L L L - M M
165 - 174 CM 5'5" - 5'8" XL - L L - M M M
152 - 164 CM 5 - 5'4" L L - M S S


Can A Respro® Mask protect against Coronavirus.?

There is limited information on this specific virus but it is part of a family of viruses that have been previously researched and documented.  The mechanics of capture remain consistent with other airborne viral pathogens.

Viral infection is transmitted in two major ways:

1. By airborne transmission.
2. By coming into physical contact with viral material and self administering the virus by hand to mouth or nose actions.

Viral protection is best attended to in two ways.

1.  Use a respiratory mask that incorporates an Activated Charcoal Cloth layer together with a submicron particle filter layer (combination filter) as it has the ability to adsorb viral matter in both the micro and the nano range of sizes by means of entrapment and adsoprtion. Whilst a P2/P3 industry face mask will trap particulates which may well carry viral matter (micro size), they are seldom bespoke and only come in one size. This increases the chance of a misfit by the user, especially if used by children or if they are not shown how to fit a mask properly or undergo a fit test~This means that a percentage of unfiltered air will bypass the filter completely. What these masks cannot do is adsorb the viral matter on its own, this happens with DACC as it operates on both a different principle and size scale (nano size). So whether that rated mask is P1/2 or 3, is not a significant factor. The correct fit and the seal are!

Suitable masks with a combination filter:

Ultralight Combo - (suitable for Sport)

A combination filter would be suitable for exhaust pollution (VOC’s and PM 2.5’s) airborne viral and bacterial matter, and cigarette smoke.

A combination filter has both a Hepa-type filter layer and a DACC layer. This combination of Hepa-type filter layer and DACC in one single filter provides submicron (smaller than PM 2.5) dust filtering capability, together with DACC capability for filtering gases (VOC’s /Acid gases), vapours and viral matter in the nano range of sizes by means of adsoprtion. It is the best type of filter available in our range for dealing with the broad spectrum of vehicle and non vehicular pollutants commonly found in major cities across the globe.

They can be found here:

Cinqro Filter Twin Pack
Techno Filter Twin Pack

2. Using a hand sanitiser that kills viral and bacterial matter found on common surfaces will help against the spread of a virus. Viruses can be picked up from door handles, light switches, TV remotes, communal surfaces, vending machines and on mass transit systems from buses, trains and metro or at work on shared surfaces, in lifts etc.

Brand Respro
Shipping Weight 0.2300kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.250m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.005000000m3

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