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Buy a Wilier in Sydney for Road Racing and Outpace the Competition

Owning a Wilier in Sydney expresses serious commitment to riding either competitively or as part of a club. The sleek Italian design has over a century of engineering behind it and offers you a lightweight bike that stands up to long days on the road. The Odd Spoke carries Wilier as part of their inventory, allowing you to break away from the pack.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Shopping for Wilier in Sydney

To remain competitive and reduce injuries, it’s important to discuss your fitness level and goals with professionals who understand road bikes and how to get the most out of them and yourself.
  • Seat height is so important to prevent injuries that sideline you from training and competition. There should always be a slight bend in your knee that eliminates hip rocking and protects your knees.
  • Bikes come in different sizes for a reason – every body type is different and requires special consideration when shopping for Wilier in Sydney. Reach is just as important as seat height to protect your back. Always try different models to find the right fit for your body.
  • When you buy your Wilier in Sydney be sure to pick up a patch kit and mini pump for when the unthinkable happens – your tyre starts going flat. Having the tools necessary to conduct repairs on the roadside gets you back in the race quickly and independently.
When shopping for Wilier in Sydney, keep the above advice in mind to get the proper bike for your body. Pick up spare parts while you’re there to be ready to unexpected tube failures.

Related Services We Provide for Wilier in Sydney

When you’re ready to buy Wilier in Sydney, it makes sense to find a shop with experienced personnel who can help you select the right bike for your needs.
  • Our staff are knowledgeable about the bikes in stock and can help you determine the best bike for you. We assist you with height and reach to find the bike that fits your body and reduces the potential for injuries while riding.
  • We maintain competitive pricing on our bikes and carry the best in the business. We help you find the bike that fits your riding style and budget, ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase and can get the performance you require.
  • When you buy Wilier in Sydney, we encourage you to bring it in from time to time for routine maintenance to keep the wheels spinning smoothly. Our experienced staff will check chains and gears for wear and recommend replacements when necessary.
Why You Should Buy from The Odd Spoke
We enjoy a good road race and bring our experience to the shop every day. Our shop in Dural has been here for four years, and our inventory is the best in the business. We help serious racers stay competitive and help newbies get started with recommendations that whet your appetite for competitive racing. Give us a call to learn more about Wilier and the benefits it brings to your ride.